Board of Directors

Princo was established by Princeton University’s Board of Trustees in April 1987. The Organizational Statement, as revised in September 2010, provides for a twelve-member Board of Directors. Eight members are elected; the President and the Treasurer of the University, the President of Princo, and the Chair of the Trustee Committee on Finance serve as ex officio members.

Kevin T. Callaghan ’83, Managing Director, Berkshire Partners

Christopher L. Eisgruber ’83 (ex officio), President, Princeton University

Andrew K. Golden (ex officio), President, Princo

C. Kim Goodwin ’81, Managing Partner of Avanico Holdings, LLC, University Trustee and Clerk of the University Board of Trustees

Mark J. Johnson ’95, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Astra Capital Management

Jim Matteo (ex officio), Vice President for Finance and Treasurer, Princeton University

Bob Peck ’88 (Chair of the Princo Board of Directors), Managing Director, FPR Partners, and University Trustee

Nancy Peretz Sheft ’88, Managing Director, Bessemer Trust 

Marco A. Tablada ’93, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Alua Capital Management, and University Trustee

C. James Yeh ’87 (ex officio), President and Co-Chief Investment Officer, Citadel Investment Group LLC, University Trustee and Chair of the University Trustee Committee on Finance

Anthony A. Yoseloff ’96, Executive Managing Member, Davidson Kempner Capital Management LP, and University Trustee