Mission, Vision & Values


Through our commitment to optimizing the investment of Princeton’s Endowment, we strive to assure the perpetual financial health and independence of the University.


  • We will seek to capitalize on our natural advantages including our long horizon, low liquidity needs, and singularity of interests.
  • We will invest in Princo’s organizational future, doing whatever is necessary to enable continued excellence in stewardship of a growing asset base.
  • We will continuously build and develop our team to meet the demands of the future, embracing individual and organizational learning.
  • We will seek to develop strength in international investment arenas that rivals that which we have domestically.
  • We will optimize the risks we take, considering our distinctive circumstances while always seeking excess return in compensation of the risks taken.
  • We will consistently assure that our key constituencies have a shared understanding of our investment philosophy and practices.
  • We will recognize that we must act unconventionally and creatively in order to add value. We will never “play it safe”—you cannot run out the clock when your challenge is perpetual.


With regard to our COLLEAGUES we will:

  • Focus on the Team; we want to win games, we do not care about individual stats.
  • Leverage experience while creating opportunities for exploration.
  • Work to assure a shared sense of mutual respect and use this sense to foster lively debate of ideas.

With regard to our MANAGERS we will:

  • Strive to be the best partner each has, establishing trusting relationships in which we constructively challenge and support each other.
  • Be diplomatic, but direct, in our communications.
  • Appreciate their contributions to our success.

With regard to our DIRECTORS we will:

  • Treat them as partners.
  • Cherish their trust, and protect it through transparent communication.
  • Welcome their challenges of our ideas, recognizing that the testing of our views is critical to development of the best possible portfolio and organization.
  • In turn, challenge the Directors to think unconventionally, particularly if there is an opportunity to exploit our unique advantages.

With regard to the UNIVERSITY we will:

  • Steward its reputation with the same care with which we steward its assets.
  • Help it however we can, while remaining focused on our core activity.
  • Take pride in its excellence, recognizing that the resources we provide are necessary conditions for that excellence.
  • Appreciate the meaning it gives to our work, keeping our role in proper perspective.
  • Actively participate in its community.

With regard to our FAMILIES we will:

  • Remember that as important as our work is, it is not as important as our commitments to our families.