Supporting the University

Princo seeks to earn outstanding long-term investment returns in support of Princeton University’s mission to be a world-class research and higher education institution. Supporting this mission requires spending a sizeable amount of the Endowment each year in a reasonably stable fashion, while also preserving the Endowment’s purchasing power in perpetuity. Spending out of the Endowment must be large enough to ensure that the University devotes proper resources to its human and physical capital, but not at the detriment of future generations’ ability to do the same.

“Excellence cannot be bought,

but it must be paid for.”


Each year, investment gains from the Endowment provide over 60% of the University’s operating budget. Last fiscal year, this amounted to roughly $1.4 billion in spending distributions from the Endowment.

Notably, the investment program’s strength has allowed the University to initiate and expand its pioneering financial aid program. Today, approximately 60% of students benefit from financial aid, and consistently strong investment returns have allowed an expansion of the aid program significantly ahead of increases in tuition. The University is able to admit students without regard to their financial circumstances, and its no-loan financial aid program makes it possible for students to graduate with little or no debt.