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Career Paths

Princo’s analyst program kick-starts your professional journey. Whether that ultimately means growing into a senior role at Princo, or taking your career in a different direction, Princo leaves you with a distinctive skillset, an expansive network, and the support to take you wherever your passion lies. How do we do it? Hear from the current team and Princo alumni about how Princo shaped them.


3 Cool, Unexpected Things I Did in my Internship’s First Two Weeks
  1. Voted on 2 investment decisions totaling over $200 million
  2. Learned basic and advanced negotiation techniques in a 2-day workshop given by a Harvard Business and Law School Professor
  3. Met 2-on-1 for an hour with the CEO of Youku, China’s YouTube

– Rachel Lurie ’18, Woodrow Wilson School


5 Awesome Experiences in my First Two Years
  1. Spent a day in Mumbai one-on-one with a top Indian public equity investor, meeting various company CEOs and discussing the economic effects of demonetization
  2. Had a dinner conversation with Evernote’s cofounder about the company’s path to success
  3. Organized and led a key segment of an $80 million decision meeting
  4. Worked with the founders of China’s premier travel website as they developed plans for a second startup
  5. Hung out with Michael Phelps

– Jacqueline Lis ’15, Senior Analyst, Major: Economics

Jackie performing due diligence in Shanghai

2 Unique Externship Experiences
For those who succeed in our Analyst program, we offer a 10 week externship at one of our investment managers or portfolio companies. Click to see some examples of these experiences.
After hearing our venture capital managers talk about their investments, I wanted to experience a startup firsthand. PRINCO quickly connected me to one of the companies in our portfolio, and I spent two months as an extern on the strategy team at Catalant, a Boston-based startup disrupting the consulting industry. My externship was an amazing chance to experience a completely different environment and get a deeper understanding of what goes on at the senior management level of a rapidly growing company.
-Jacqueline Lis ’15

While I spend most of my time at PRINCO working in the Private Equity portfolio, I sought out a very different experience for my externship. I spent a month at a San Francisco based hedge fund in its public equity long/short group. It was an excellent opportunity to build investment acumen from a different perspective while deepening my understanding of business fundamentals. My externship was also a great way to see how another organization works and expand my professional network.
-John McNamara ’14


How PRINCO Launched my Career
  • Princo is a place that conducts high quality, rigorous analysis. I learned how to take disparate data and parlay it into actionable, intelligent insights. I routinely draw on this underlying skill today.
  • Right from my first week, Princo gave me exposure to high profile investment firms and companies. I quickly gained the confidence and ability to walk into a room and effectively engage with leading executives.
  • Princo has an incredibly supportive culture and strong mentorship. Andy (Princo’s President) continues to be exceptionally helpful to me. I know when I need career advice I can pick up the phone and call him.

– Eric Glickman, Strategy Consultant at Monetate, Former Princo Senior Analyst (2010-2013), Swarthmore ’10, Major: Asian Studies

How PRINCO Shaped my Future
  • From day one, Princo gives you a seat at the table in important investment decisions. You are expected to state your opinion and defend your conviction. Princo gave me a chance to develop my skills as a leader much earlier than at other organizations.
  • When I later joined Goldman Sachs, having worked at Princo was a huge positive. I was able to hit the ground running given the analytical toolkit and wide range of other skills I developed at Princo.
  • Princo fosters a real appreciation for the non-profit space at large and allows you to marry work with a greater goal and purpose, which is incredibly rewarding.

– Isabelle Gaffney ’11, Budget Manager at Metropolitan Opera, Former Princo Senior Analyst (2011-2014), Major: Linguistics