Karlos Bledsoe ’15

2:14 pm by Alyson Baverstock

Karlos joined Princo in August 2021 after interning the previous summer. Prior to Princo, he graduated from the University of Pennsylvania earning a JD/MBA from Penn Law and The Wharton School. While at Wharton, Karlos worked with a number of venture and growth funds in sourcing, diligence, and fundraising capacities. Before Penn, he was a consultant with Trinity in Boston where he focused on product forecasting and launch strategy for biotechnology companies. Karlos is a 2015 graduate of Princeton University with an A.B. in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. He is an avid tennis player and employs a growth mindset in believing that his backhand might one day improve. Karlos also enjoys spending time hiking, reading, and birdwatching.