Alumni – PRINCO


The Princo Analyst Program provides an excellent foundation for a career in endowment management as well as other fields of business. Below is a selection of the program’s alumni.

Ethan Hugo ’95, CFA (A.B. Economics). Currently a Portfolio Manager at Fidelity.

Peter Ammon ’99, CFA (A.B. Politics). Currently the Chief Investment Officer of Penn’s endowment. Received an MBA and an MA in International Relations from Yale.

Gene Kim ’01, CFA (A.B. Economics). Currently a Senior Analyst at Adakin Capital (hedge fund).

Adrienne Clough ’02 (B.S.E ORFE). Post-Princo experience at Graham Partners (PE firm) and Boston Consulting Group. Currently an Investment Manager at DUMAC (Duke University’s investment office). Received an MBA from Duke.

Peter R. Kingston ’02 (A.B. Economics). Post-Princo experience at the President’s Council of Economic Advisers and the United States Marine Corps. Currently a Financial Analyst at PRIMECAP (mutual fund). Received an MBA from Stanford.

Brian Nachtigall ’03 (B.S.E. ORFE). Post-Princo experience at Bain & Company. Currently the Director of Product Marketing at Cognex Corp (technology company). Received an MBA from Duke.

Allen Sista ’04 (A.B. Philosophy). Previously a Vice President at First Eagle Investment Management (mutual fund).

Ashleigh Newlin ’05 (B.S.E. ORFE). Post-Princo experience at Sarnoff and Citigroup. Currently a Director at ESOP Economics (consulting and software firm).

Ivan Manolov *09, CFA (M.P.A. from the Woodrow Wilson School). Currently head of Private Equity for the YMCA Retirement Fund.

Serra Alkoclar ’11 (A.B. Economics). Currently the CEO of StilGiyin and StyleBuys (2 startups).

Isabelle Puckette ’11 (A.B. Linguistics). Post-Princo experience at Goldman Sachs. Currently a Budget Manager at The Metropolitan Opera.

Amy Chivetta ’12 (B.S.E. ORFE). Currently a Senior Investment Analyst at Yale Investments Office.